Jellyfish IP addresses

Below you can easily view a list of outgoing IP addresses used by Jellyfish Spam Protection for Private Email, Shared Hosting and EasyWP.


Why can this information be useful?

  1. You might be looking for a way to allow emails sent via Jellyfish Spam Protection to smoothly go through your firewalls — but still keep these in place to guard your inbox from other senders. To do this, you can easily acceptlist Jellyfish IP addresses on the side of your receiving server.
    When you make this acceptlist, first, make sure you add all the above IP addresses to it. This is because we use different addresses to send your emails, and there’s no guarantee which one is in use at any given time.
  2. If for some reason you experience issues with receiving emails and would like to go through logs on your server or email service provider, this IP list makes it easy to check which IP addresses Jellyfish uses for sending out emails.

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